When you leave a review on the internet it helps us in more ways then you know. These folks below have done just that. We appreciate their business and hope folks enjoy their perspectives on what Equinox Guiding Service has to offer you!

Phillip Holfman

Camden Climbing

I got half a day climbing with Noah in Barret`s Cove as a birthday present. Noah had prepared a terrific gift voucher and sent it by e-mail. The trip was part and for me the highlight of our holiday trip from Germany. The communication with Noah about previous experiences, meeting point, weather conditions, equipment, etc. worked perfectly in advance at any time. I myself had only climbed indoor/toprope a few times so far, so I was a bit nervous in advance. But this was immediately gone at the first meeting with Noah thanks to his calm, friendliness and self-confidence. Noah gives you enough time in advance to choose and adjust the right equipment. By the way, he provides the equipment. Noah himself is an incredibly nice, modest and trustful guy, who masters his profession perfectly and selects the right challenges on the wall for every level of experience. He teaches the necessary previous knowledge (mastery of the equipment, knots, commands, movement sequences, mental things) in a very understandable and patient way and also answers all further questions about climbing. Also during the climbing he is always at your side with effective advice if you don't know what to do as next step. I especially liked the fact that he emphasizes the importance of the team and doesn't see climbing exclusively as mastering a physical challenge, but above all emphasizes the aspect of "mindfulness", so that there is enough time for rest, breathing deeply and enjoying the view, e.g. on the "Broadway ledge". By the way, Noah was also very generous with the booked time. I was a bit nervous during the final descent by repelling, because there you lean fully into the harness and have to trust the material and your partner. Again, Noah took my nervousness by explaining the material and its function, so that it was a lot of fun. For me it was an extremely great experience, which triggered many positive impulses in me. One day I really want to climb again with Noah!

Dave Asselin

Camden Rock climbing

I recently went climbing with Noah in Camden. I had never climbed before, not even  on an inside climbing gym. We hiked into the rock face and Noah took me through all the gear and all the safety procedures before we started. He was very professional, which is what I was looking for my first time hanging from a rope off of a cliff, Noah made me feel very comfortable and safe climbing and repelling. I climbed one 5.4 and two 5.6 pitch climbs. It was a great day and I am going to return in a couple of weeks for some longer, harder climbs. 

Thanks Noah and Equinox

Spencer & Kathy

Camden Climbing

My wife and I had our first ever outdoor climbing experience with Noah and it was an absolute blast! We began the day learning the ropes (literally) and with some easier routes to get familiar with the rock face, and then moved to a pair of multi-pitch routes in the afternoon which culminated with a fantastic climb as the sun set to end the day. Noah was very knowledgeable about the area and able to adapt the day's plans on the fly based on how everything was going. If you find yourself around the mid-coast of Maine and interested in a wonderful outdoor experience, I'd highly recommend reaching out!

Mike Swanson

Equinox Guiding Service

Noah took great care of us for three climbs up and down the Precipice in Acadia National Park. I have only gone rock climbing a handful of times years ago so his thorough training regarding safety and climbing gear was very welcome. I felt as though I was in the hands of a professional for the entire excursion. Noah was friendly and encouraging throughout. We were able to joke around and still feel safe, which is something I think is very important in a guide. Keep an ear out for Noah's Canadian impressions ;) The routes we took were challenging, but appropriate for our skill levels. I would highly recommend Equinox Guiding Service to anyone looking to climb on Camden or Acadia National Park.

Lori Miller Thurlow

Maine Climbing

We had a rock climbing session scheduled with Noah from Equinox Guiding Service. Weather was set to be good, started out sunny and ended with some rain and snow. Our Guide was knowledgeable, fun and very experienced. He kept close eye on weather and when to call it, if we had too. Noah took the time to train us and then belayed each of us himself with coaching. It was very supportive and safe. We had a fantastic time despite changes in weather. I would climb with them anytime.


Camden Climbing

While I arrived at Barrett's Cove cliff with a fear of heights and no concept of a multi-pitch, my boyfriend has been expertly scaling rock faces for decades—and yet, Noah (from Equinox Guiding Service) happily took us both out for a really fun day of climbing. They chatted about guiding and GriGris; we dissected the safety equipment, the routes, the techniques. He answered all of my questions and assuaged my doubts, and as I made my first clumsy moves up the granite, he was endlessly encouraging and enthusiastic. Noah is clearly a guide who not only loves what he does, but loves sharing his passion with others—no matter their experience level. His positive attitude is infectious and I feel so lucky that he was there to help me on my first day. We look forward to visiting him and his sweet pup, Cedar, up in Maine again soon!

Stephanie Jewett

Ice Climbing Maine

Booked a full day with Noah for some ice climbing in the Camden Hills area. The booking process was super easy and Noah provided a list of items to bring in case you don't have a lot of experience with layering for a Maine winter. We met at 8AM the day after the snowstorm, I got fitted for my boots (Equinox provides all technical gear) and off we went for about a mile walk to our destination. The climbing location was great. The climbing options in the area were pretty diverse. As mentioned, I booked a full day and was able to get many climbs in at my own pace, ask questions (sometimes the same ones over and over) and got some good baseline experience. I really enjoyed it! The instruction was clear and Noah was encouraging, knowledgeable, patient and passionate about the sport. My last climb of the day was mixed (rock and ice). It was a challenge, I was tired and Noah encouraged me when I needed it. I completed the climb and I am still smiling about it today. When we went over the gear he had mentioned how the climbing rope was produced locally and being a Mainer myself, I love seeing local companies support one another. I am hoping to get a second trip booked this year with Equinox before the season ends. I really enjoyed my day and learned a lot. Thanks Equinox!