Climbing Classes

Here at Equinox Guiding Service we are not just focused on taking you out climbing for the day. We also want to teach you the skills you need to go out on your own. Whether you want to learn how to set up a top rope or anchor building we are here to help! Climbing is our passion but teaching is second nature.  

Rock Climbing

Gym to Crag

Are you climbing comfortably in the gym? Ever think about climbing outdoors? This is the perfect time to learn with professional training on skills needed to climb outdoors!  Our Gym to Crag class covers everything you need to know to climb safely. Let us help you learn the skills for you next outdoor adventure!

Gym to Crag is for climbers who have been lead climbing in the gym. We meet at Barrett cove parking lot and start by talking through the basics. This is a full Day of climbing and learning with Equinox Guiding Service. 

Top Rope Set up

You know how to belay and have begun exploring the world of climbing. Would you like to learn how to set up your own top ropes so you can start venturing out on your own? Then this is the class for you! This is perhaps the most important class you can take in order to climb safely. Our goal is to educate you about basic anchor construction for top rope climbing. We emphasize safety and hands on skill practice, getting you one step closer to setting up top ropes safely. This is a full day course, we meet at the bottom of Barrett's cove cliff on route 52. 


Maine Climbing
Camden Hills State Park

Anchor Building

 Learn the basics of building climbing anchor systems. We will cover climbing gear, knots, evaluation and use of natural and fixed protection, and equalizing the forces on the anchor. Traditional climbing gear use is covered in different cracks settings. This is a hands on program where you will build climbing anchors. Although this outing will focus on construction and assessment of anchors and not on climbing movement, it is designed for participants with climbing and belaying experience.